Size Guide & Product Care


SIZE SUGGESTED AGE GUIDE LENGTH: Shoulder to hem WIDTH: Shoulder to shoulder
Small 5 - 8 yrs 75cm 75cm
Medium 8 - 10 yrs 85cm 75cm
Large 11yrs - Adult 110cm 77cm
Custom Order Adult Measure to size : For those extra tall bods


We are a boutique business specialising in small batch designs to ensure you'll always stand out in the crowd. We're all about YOU lookin' and feelin' good in your hood and so where ever possible we will accommodate your requests to customise the length, width, fringing or other embellishments to suit you!

After testing our Bommie range on many shapes and sizes, the 3 regular sizes we offer for young and old start from 5 years and up. But what about the six footers with extra long limbs I hear you cry? If you would like a bit more length in your Bommie or you would like to upcycle a very special terry towel that's dear to your heart into a Bommie then give us a call or email us at to discuss the custom made options available.


We strive to produce quality clothing that is kind to you and the environment. All our terry towelling products are made from quality 100 % cotton and carry the Oeko-Tex 100 certification.
Oeko-Tex 100 is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice. 

Textiles with the Oeko-Tex 100 certification:

  • Have been tested for pesticides and chlorinated phenols
  • Do not contain allergenic or carcinogenic dye-stuffs
  • Have been tested for the release of heavy metals under artificial perspiration conditions.
  • Are free from formaldehyde
  • Have a skin-friendly pH
  • Are free from chloro-organic carriers
  • Are free from biologically active finishes

We recommend you follow these simple care guidelines to get the most out of your Bommie and to retain its soft plush velour pile.
We suggest you give the darker coloured towels a light wash before wearing to get rid of any towelling fluff and avoid sporting a ‘5 o’clock shadow’ type fuzz.


  • Cold machine wash with similar colours
  • Line dry in the shade
  • Detach the hood and reshape after washing.
  • Give your towel a shake after washing to reshape and fluff up the terry towelling loops
  • Unsnap the fasteners and open your towel flat for faster drying
  • Do not bleach and wash immediately after use by the pool
  • Avoid using fabric softeners as it coats the cotton fibres and makes it less absorbent
  • Low tumble dry will restore the plush pile to your towel
  • Avoid HOT tumble dry as it can cause shrinkage and weaken the snap fasteners
  • Do not iron and Do not dry clean

Our hooded towel range are made from 100% quality cotton and the plush velour finish is not only soft to touch but is designed to reduce the towel threads from snagging. If you happen to get a pulled thread inside or out do not pull it. Simply snip off the pulled loop with sharp scissors. The towelling fabric is woven so a pulled thread will not unravel the fabric. A little fluffing or pilling is quite normal for cotton towelling. This should diminish with further washing and low tumble drying.

All our Bommie hooded towel range are handcrafted in Australia and quality checked before being sent out to you. We take pride in our workmanship so please do let us know if your Bommie is not living up to your expectations. Please also check the care label for maintaining its shape, softness & velour finish. We hope you enjoy getting your Bommie on for many Summers to come!

Size Guide
SIZE SUGGESTED AGE GUIDE WIDTH: Shoulder to shoulder LENGTH: Shoulder to hem
Small 5 - 8 yrs 75cm 75cm
Medium 9 - 12 yrs 75cm 85cm
Large 12yrs - Adult 75cm 110cm
Custom Order Adult Measure to size: For those extra tall bods