What is a Bommie I hear you ask?
A Bommie is one of our cool Australian contemporary hooded poncho towels, designed to make your day waterside a great one. It is also Australian slang for Bombora. A Bombora is an indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a submerged rock shelf, reef, or sand bank that is located off the shoreline and surf break.
Bommies are often popular haunts for surfers and divers respectively as a result of the surf break that they form and the abundant sealife the formations attract. Bommie HQ is based in Manly beach, Sydney Australia and is well known for its Queenscliff Bommie. When the ocean swell is up you’ll often hear a local salty seadog cry - the Bommie is going off!
Team Bommie are passionate ocean advocates who want to connect both their love of the ocean with their desire to create consciously made functional beachwear so when the Bommie was going off one afternoon it seemed a fitting name for the business. So what are you waiting for? Get your Bommie on!
Who’s Terry?
Terry towelling that’s who, and we’ve made it our business to make terry very cool… again! Gone are the days of daggy towelling that looks like your mother’s shag pile carpet from the 70’s, we’re now talking plush velour towelling in vibrant colours that is less likely to snag or trap sand and is super absorbent to keep you dry and warm all year round.  
What does Gm2 mean?
Gm2 is a measure of weight: ‘grams per square metre’. As it happens there are a few important components to making a quality towel and like bed linen it's all about the thread count, but the general rule is that the heavier the towel the more plush the pile. Eg A 500gm2 towel is more plush than a 300gm2 towel.
What the heck is velour?
Well...a traditional bath towel is made on a loom creating terry loops on both sides of the towel. Velour is a type of finishing process for towelling where the top of the loops are shaved off one side to create a soft velvety finish on the towel leaving an absorbent pile on the other side. We strive to create quality long lasting and functional products and so we love to use velour terry towelling for all our hooded towel range to give you that soft velvety finish on the outside. By design, the velour finish also means your towel is less likely to snag and the outside doesn’t absorb water as much so you leave more of the sand at the beach.
Custom Orders
After testing our Bommie range on many shapes and sizes, the 3 regular sizes we offer for young and old start from 5 years and up. But what about the six footers with extra long limbs I hear you cry? If you would like a bit more length in your Bommie or you would like to convert a very special terry towel that's dear to you into a Bommie then give us a call or email us at to discuss the custom made options available.

If you're also looking for a unique bit of kit for your surf and swim club or triathlon team, we can mix & match colours from our existing range or customise a look all of your own.

Where can I buy your products?
We sell our products online in our store, except when we POP UP somewhere or participate in an event. Our products are handcrafted by us with F.U.N in mind so do let us know how you're doin' in your hood! Word of warning to all Bommie lovers, traces of nuts may be found in the making of these products!

Where are you based?
Bommie HQ is based in Manly, New South Wales, Australia. A patch of paradise seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care.

Still got Questions?
Drop us a line at and we'll do our very best to answer them.
Size Guide
SIZE SUGGESTED AGE GUIDE WIDTH: Shoulder to shoulder LENGTH: Shoulder to hem
Small 5 - 8 yrs 75cm 75cm
Medium 9 - 12 yrs 75cm 85cm
Large 12yrs - Adult 75cm 110cm
Custom Order Adult Measure to size: For those extra tall bods