June 29, 2020

Janet - 29 June 2020

Gorgeous and ethical products! Efficient ordering and delivery. What a lovely gift idea and helps the environment too. Love the colours and fabrics.

February 24, 2020

Pip - 24 Feb 2020

Wonderful high quality towels! My kids and the whole family love them. The towels are even making their way to Germany now thanks to the excellent personal customer service!

December 08, 2019

Rebecca - 8 Dec 2019

 Brilliant design, great colours and soft absorbent fabric. I love that thrown over your head the hood contains dripping wet hair while with side snap fasteners unclipped it acts like a towel for ease of drying or fastened it ensures privacy of your own dressing room on the beach ... eat your heart out Superman!

December 06, 2019

Kristin 6 Dec 2019

Love my Bommie! Throw the poncho fit over my head, use the generous hood to dry my hair a bit and then wiggle out of my wet cossie and safely into my dry clothes easily with the roomy fit and the snap up sides. Unsnap for a beach blanket too. Plush and cosy

December 05, 2019

Rachel H 5 Dec 2019

We love our Bommies! The towel quality is amazing! We also gave them as groomsmen gifts- all the guys loved them!! Thanks, Bommie Australia!!


December 03, 2019

Rachel 3 Dec 2019

 I love my Bommie (both of them!) as do friends in the UK who have received as gifts. So good getting out of the water to pop it on and get changed under it. I’ve had one of them for a few years and still looks like new.

December 01, 2019

Felicity 1 Dec 2019

I'm so glad I bought a Bommie, great colours and a softer fabric and having the clips means it dries quickly on the line.

I'd bought a poncho towel from a surf shop before I bought my Bommie, it's rough and hard to dry, I rarely use it now. Bommie's have become a go to for gifts.

November 30, 2019

Sarah 30 Nov 2019

We love, love, love our Bommies! I bought my first Bommie about 4 years ago and it is still going strong! Everyone in the family now has one too and the quality is so good I can pass them from child to child. I love the fact we can clip it closed if it is cold or leave it open for a bit of a breeze on warmer days! It works as a beach towel too and is great for wearing home when you just can't be bothered getting changed! Also love the fact that the brand have a social conscious and support marine conservation! Go Bommie!!

November 30, 2019

Jessica 30 Nov 2019

Absolutely love my Bommie it’s the perfect post swim gear - beautiful towel which dries you nicely and can act as a cheeky change room beachside:) have bought 2 as gifts!

November 28, 2019

Melody – 28 Nov 2019

 My striped Bommie change towel is great - especially as it keeps my head warm after a winter swim! So easy to dry myself, then change or just wear home after the pool or beach. Well received as presents for my friends little girls too. I love that they are made locally & Bommie Australia is such an environmentally aware company.

Size Guide
SIZE SUGGESTED AGE GUIDE WIDTH: Shoulder to shoulder LENGTH: Shoulder to hem
Small 5 - 8 yrs 75cm 75cm
Medium 9 - 12 yrs 75cm 85cm
Large 12yrs - Adult 75cm 110cm
Custom Order Adult Measure to size: For those extra tall bods